Classic Bracelet Copper 5-Strand

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Our esteemed copper collection continues to attract customers seeking both aesthetics and potential health benefits. Although we do not claim to be medical professionals, our customers have attested to the comfort and relief they experience from arthritis symptoms while wearing our copper bracelets. Known to possess anti-inflammatory properties, copper jewelry, particularly bracelets, has been reputed to soothe joint pains and stiffness.

This particular piece is fashioned from our Classic 12 gauge copper wire, boasting a generous width of 3/4" when worn on the wrist. Our Classic copper bracelets are crafted with either four or five strands to ensure the utmost durability and longevity. However, due to the inherent malleability of copper as opposed to precious metals like silver and gold, we offer limited options for thinner strands. Moreover, with regular use, the color of copper jewelry will naturally patina, adding a rugged character to the product, which is often a desired effect by our customers.

Before making your purchase, we recommend taking note of the differences between our Lightweight and Classic bracelet collections. The Classic Bracelets boast thicker wire construction, while our Lightweight counterparts feature a thinner wire design. This will ensure your utmost satisfaction with your purchase.

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