The legend of the bracelet dates back over 1200 years. It was believed that wearing the bracelet would protect against harm, sickness, and misfortune. The four knots symbolizes the powerful forces of life: the sun, wind, fire, and water. The strands, which circle through the knots, depict the seasons of the year. Movement of the knots along the wire blends the forces of nature with life's continuous evolution and brings strength to the wearer. Wear this bracelet and have good fortune and many years of love, prosperity and happiness.©


Our jewelry collection draws inspiration from the traditional African Elephant Hair Bracelet while incorporating modern materials such as precious metals and synthetic materials. Our top priority is to provide our customers with premium quality products while also being environmentally responsible. All of our white diamonds are certified as conflict-free and we exclusively use USA-made metals that meet the highest standards of quality.

Company Overview

In 1993, an engineer in Santa Barbara, California, came up with the concept for Safari Jewelry after receiving an Elephant Hair Bracelet as a Christmas gift. After substantial investment in tooling, research, and development to create the best replica of the bracelet, the company was launched. The story and meaning behind the bracelet needed to be crafted from a timeless material like precious metal.

Since its inception, Safari Jewelry (formerly known as African Elephant Hair Bracelets) has introduced the centuries-old tale of good luck to thousands of customers worldwide. Safari Jewelry has had over 100 dealers, including Bass Pro, Cabelas, and Duty Free, both domestically and internationally in Europe and Africa.

It is now a family-owned and run business, which sells to both end consumers (through trade shows and their website) and through their existing network of just over 60 active dealers.

Numerous imitations of their products have surfaced both in the United States and abroad, including in countries like China. Safari Jewelry is the pioneer and the master of hand-wrapped high-grade precious metal elephant hair jewelry, specifically bracelets. It offers the most extensive range and top quality elephant hair jewelry products, which have been handcrafted in the United States of America for almost 30 years and remain committed to this tradition.