Info, Care & Sizing


African Elephant Hair Bracelets and Accessories are made to last a lifetime. We've been hand-wrapping these bracelets here in the USA for over 30 years. Each bracelets is unique and is engraved with our hallmark.

Our Lightweight bracelets are made out of thinner gauge strands which are about 1/16" wide. Our Classic bracelets are made out of thicker gauge strands and is approximately 1/8" wide.

Each bracelet is fabricated out of Sterling Silver or 14K gold, is hypoallergenic and will not react with people sensitive to metal alloys.

The comfort of the bracelets will be enhanced with wear. Manipulate your bracelet to conform to your wrist.

Clean your jewelry periodically with a silver jewelry cloth and/or any other silver jewelry cleaner you are happy with.


The bracelet opens and closes by sliding the knots apart and together. To avoid binding, it is important to slide the knots as a pair. If knot A and B (see illustration below) are pushed apart at the same time, binding will occur. Knots A and A should be pushed open or closed at the same time. Knots B and B should also be opened and closed at the same time.



To determine correct bracelet size for your wrist, cup your hand and measure the circumference at your knuckles in inches.

Size Open Closed
Baby 6.5" 5"
X Small 8.5" 6"
Small 9.5" 6.75"
Medium 10.25" 7.75"
Large 11" 8.5"

Note: 80% of women are a Small size.
80% of men are a Medium size