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Our collection of African Elephant Hair Bracelets and Accessories are designed to last a lifetime. For over 30 years, we've been hand-wrapping these bracelets right here in the USA. Each bracelet is a unique masterpiece, engraved with our hallmark to guarantee its authenticity.


Our jewelry store offers two collections with different gauges: Lightweight and Classic. The Lightweight collection is made with thinner gauge strands (16 gauge) that measure around 1/16" wide. Meanwhile, the Classic collection is crafted from thicker gauge strands (12 gauge) that measure approximately 1/8" in width. It's important to determine which gauge you prefer before making a purchase.

While our Classic collection, which features the thicker gauge strands, was the first style we offered 30 years ago, our Lightweight collection has become more popular among our customers over the past 20 years.

Our bracelets are meticulously handcrafted using only the finest materials, such as .925 sterling silver, 14k solid gold (in both white and yellow), 14k gold fill (in yellow and rose), copper, and our proprietary synthetic material. We take pride in offering hypoallergenic jewelry that won't react with those who are sensitive to metal alloys.

Bracelet Shape and Comfortably

We believe that the comfort of our bracelets is enhanced with wear. It's important to manipulate the bracelet to conform to your wrist and achieve a perfect fit. When we craft our bracelets, we ensure that each one is oval-shaped, rather than round, to better match the shape of your wrist. This distinctive trait sets our bracelets apart from circular bangles that tend to bounce around while being worn. Our bracelets are designed to fit like a glove and conform to your wrist for maximum comfort.


Cleaning your Safari Jewelry is easy and can be done using any type of jewelry polish or silver cleaner. At our store, we use TarnX to keep our products looking brand new. You can find TarnX for around $6 at various retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, and others.

While the instructions suggest diluting the solution, we recommend placing your products directly into the TarnX for 20-30 seconds. Afterward, remove the items and rinse them thoroughly in fresh water. Dry them off with a towel and use a jewelry cloth for a final wipe down. 


Over time, it's normal for the knots in your Safari Jewelry bracelet to loosen with wear. However, you can easily tighten them up at home using a simple solution.

To tighten the knots, all you need is a pair of pliers and a rag or cloth to protect the bracelet from scratches. Simply squeeze down gently on each knot until you feel them slowly getting tighter. This will increase the tension between the knots and strands, preventing the bracelet from opening frequently. It's important to take your time with this process and avoid crimping the knot too hard, as it could cause it to lock up. 


When first opening or closing a Safari Jewelry bracelet, it may appear like magic. However, it's easy once you know the trick! The bracelet opens and closes by sliding the knots apart and together. To avoid binding, it's important to slide the knots as a pair. The bracelet's oval design includes a small bend on each side where the knots meet, which is normal and intentional.

To open or close the bracelet correctly, push knots A and A together, and knots B and B together (see illustration below). This will allow you to manipulate the bracelet as intended.



To determine correct bracelet size for your wrist, cup your hand and measure the circumference at your knuckles in inches.

Size Open Closed
Baby 6.5" 5"
X Small 8.5" 6"
Small 9.5" 6.75"
Medium 10.25" 7.75"
Large 11" 8.5"

Note: 80% of women are a Small size.
80% of men are a Medium size