Classic Bracelet Sterling Silver 4-Strand

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Introducing our Classic 12 gauge bracelet, meticulously crafted with strands of premium .925 sterling silver and a matching silver wrap. At a width of 5/8 of an inch, this bracelet strikes a perfect balance between our 3-strand and 5-strand Classic bracelet sizes.

Our silver is of the highest quality, with superior anti-tarnish characteristics. However, as with all silver jewelry, it is still susceptible to tarnishing due to the metal's inherent properties. To maintain its stunning shine, it is recommended to avoid environments where silver may react adversely, such as swimming pools with chlorinated water. We believe that the more you wear your silver jewelry, the more its natural luster will shine through. 

Before making your purchase, we recommend taking note of the differences between our Lightweight and Classic bracelet collections. The Classic Bracelets boast thicker wire construction, while our Lightweight counterparts feature a thinner wire design. This will ensure your utmost satisfaction with your purchase.

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