Classic Bracelet Two-Tone 4-Strand with CZ

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The distinctive feature of this product that sets it apart from our conventional two-tone collection is the incorporation of exquisite cubic zirconia (CZ) stones in each knot. CZs, a man-made gemstone that closely resembles diamonds, contribute to a delightful balance between design and price point that customers highly appreciate.

At a width of 5/8 of an inch, this bracelet is the only Classic CZ bracelet offered. The strands are made with our premium solid .925 sterling silver and the knots are hand wrapped in 14k gold fill. Every cubic zirconia gem is meticulously nestled within a sterling silver panel that is intricately woven into each of the four knots. The bracelet is not plated and its color will not wash off or wipe away over time. You can anticipate your bracelet to uphold its structural soundness, color, and design for numerous years to come.

Before making your purchase, we recommend taking note of the differences between our Lightweight and Classic bracelet collections. The Classic Bracelets boast thicker wire construction, while our Lightweight counterparts feature a thinner wire design. This will ensure your utmost satisfaction with your purchase. In regards to our CZ bracelets, we exclusively offer a Classic 4-strand and a Lightweight 5-strand option.

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