Classic Bracelet Synthetic Elephant Hair with 14k Gold Fill X-knots

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The majority of our products are quite durable, but the synthetic takes durability to a new level with its near indestructibility. Its high appeal comes not only from its resilience, but comfortable, flexible, and malleable feel to the wearer. This strength is a leading factor in its higher price-point relative to other bracelets because of the labor required to work with such malleable material. The metal bracelets can be more easily soldered or welded into place whereas the synthetic’s are difficult to hold together, even for our professional artisans. 

The synthetics are made with a proprietary man-made synthetic material made to completely resemble the look and feel of genuine elephant hair. You won’t find another bracelet that more accurately depicts the design of the traditional bracelets made for generations in Africa but with a more sustainable and long-lasting material than our synthetics.

This Classic bracelet is made from 40 strands of synthetic hair and measures approximately 1/2 of an inch in width with synthetic strands and 14k gold fill wrap. While this is our Classic rendition of the synthetic, we also offer a Lightweight variant comprising a fewer number of strands. Unlike all our other collections of products, the synthetic’s knots are wrapped with x-knots which is a design technique specific to various regions in Zimbabwe.