Lightweight Bracelet 14k Solid Gold 3-Strand with .90 Carat of Diamonds

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This bracelet is undoubtedly the best selling diamond product we make. It’s crafted with precision and care from our Lightweight 16 gauge solid 14k yellow gold wire and boasts an impressive five knots. Each knot is adorned with diamond panels wherein each diamond has been carefully set in 14k white gold and professionally laser welded to the top of each knot. This same design is also available in Lightweight 14k solid gold 5-strand with more carats.

The five-knot bracelet has a unique sliding movement that sets it apart from the majority of our bracelet line, which is composed mainly of the traditional 4-knot bracelets. The three central diamond panels are firmly welded in place, while the outer two panels slide freely along the bracelet's strands to facilitate opening and closing. The meticulous attention to detail, energy, and engineering that went into designing the five-knot bracelet is indescribable making it a truly unparalleled and one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. A number of our customers have expressed how this piece sometimes resembles a tennis bracelet, yet the distinct design and fluidity of movement it offers result in far more compliments.

The diamonds we use are certified conflict-free, with a quality of VVS2 that speaks to their unrivaled brilliance. The five panels on this piece add up to .90 carats of diamonds.

This can also be available in all solid 14k white gold upon request.

*Marked as sold out because this is a "High Value" product that requires an inquiry via phone or email to purchase*