Authorized Dealers

Safari Jewelry is excited to bring its bracelet collection to independent jewelry stores.

“Our bracelets have many unique attributes that have already made them popular hand-selling at trade shows,” explains Christo Anderson, Operations Manager at Safari Jewelry. “We are delighted to continue partnering with jewelers to introduce our bracelets to their customers.”

The collection is inspired by the timeless beauty and rich tradition of woven African Elephant Hair bracelets. According to the 1,200-year-old legend, wearing one of these bracelets would protect against sickness and misfortune and bring many years of love, prosperity and happiness.

While Safari uses modern materials, the tradition, symbolism, and artisan craftsmanship remains. The four knots represent the sun, wind, fire, and water—powerful life forces. The strands circle through the knots and depict the seasons, while the movement of the knots along the wire blends the forces of nature with life's continuous evolution and brings strength to the wearer.

Each piece is crimped, soldered, and welded by hand. Skilled artisans hand wrap each of the bracelet’s four knots, ensuring every single one is unique. The collection features a range of styles for men and women. Materials include high quality .925 sterling silver, 14k solid gold, and 14k gold fill, conflict-free white diamonds, and synthetic materials.

Unlike most bracelets, Safari bracelets are oval-shaped, ensuring a close fit to the wrist and maximum comfort. And they open and close simply by sliding the knots apart and together; no clasps needed.

Bracelets start at just $199 MSRP. Safari is offering jewelers opening packages at just $1,500. A comprehensive marketing package will be included with orders. For more information on the Safari Jewelry bracelets and to open an account, contact Christo Anderson,, 805-685-5955.