Lightweight Bracelet 14k Solid Gold 3-Strand

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There’s no jewelry material quite comparable to solid gold. It’s the most timelessly desired and reliable metal because of its scarcity, appearance, and ability not only to maintain its intrinsic value but increase its desirability over time, amongst other things. We use solid 14k gold with our bracelets because it’s the perfect ratio of gold to maximize value and durability. 

Our Lightweight bracelets are available in 3 and 5 strands, distinguished by the number of strands visible on one of the knots. As the number of knots increases, so does the bracelet's thickness, creating a luxurious, substantial appearance on your wrist. 

This 3-strand bracelet is the perfect match for someone who likes daintier jewelry or likes to stack bracelets on their wrist. It’s a favorite among people who have the Lightweight 3-strand or 5-strand two-tone bracelets because it compliments their other pieces very well. Crafted with the highest quality materials, the entire bracelet is made with lightweight 16 gauge solid 14k yellow gold and measures about  3/8 of an inch wide.

Among our high value collection, this ranks in the top three products we sell in addition to the similar “Lightweight Bracelet 14k Solid Gold 5-Strand” and the best selling diamond product, the “Lightweight Bracelet 14k Solid Gold 3-Strand with .90 Carat of Diamonds.”

Before making your purchase, we recommend taking note of the differences between our Lightweight and Classic bracelet collections. The Classic Bracelets boast thicker wire construction, while our Lightweight counterparts feature a thinner wire design. This will ensure your utmost satisfaction with your purchase.

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